Amanda Says:
“On a side note, sometimes we like to get all existential to the point we think ourselves out of common sense. (i.e. anyone remember the famous question in regards to defining the word “is”?) However, I think it’s important that we understand what we value and why. What guides us to make decisions and how do we live with the consequences of these decisions? And, why do we define ourselves by what we do? Just thoughts to ponder. ;o)”

Yeah, why do we define ourselves by what we do? That is such a challenging misconception for me to overcome. You can learn about yourself by reflecting on the actions you have taken, thereby gleaning information on things about yourself you may not have previously been aware of, but ultimately the things you do are simply an effect of you and not you yourself.

Huh? Sounds good, but really? I get very confused as to what it means. If you really break it down, it makes sense. You come first. The art you make, the relationships you build, the things you destroy all come as effects of you and your existence.

So that is what that means, and that, to me, is why the confusion is so thick. But truly, in the end, we are not what we do. Our actions are simply wonderful little resources for the research paper of you!

Aww… how cheese.


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  • David Harvey

    on July 28, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    If the actions we take, the choices we make do not define us, then what does? What says who we are? When we reflect on a friend, loved-one, collegue, or acquaintence; do we not reach our conclusions about what we know of them? Tangibles are what we leave in our stead, they are, I think what defines us. Even things that maybe defined as intangible (i.e. unspoken communication simply through eye contact) leaves tangible conclusions.