So as you all know, I’ve been working on creating a short film called “Alice & Huck.” I can’t tell you how much passion and time has gone into this project already. And we still have a way to go. It’s powerful to see what artists can do when they come together, are inspired, and give such care to what they do. I am humbled.

Film is so amazing because it requires people to draw together. It’s not the solitary act of the poet or the prose writer; it requires so many hands.

This work of art requires help from our friends. One of the ways we want to symbolize this is through offering ten sponsor credits. Only ten people can sign up to be supporting sponsors of “Alice & Huck”– limited edition, if you will. These small contributions will ensure our small film makes it through post-production and gets finished.

These ten sponsors will get a credit (their full name) at the end of the film. They will also get one of ten “Alice & Huck” sponsor packages, including a t-shirt, signed poster, signed script, kaleidiscope key-chain, and, once the film is finished, a DVD copy of it. We’re asking each sponsor to contribute $500. We’re hoping you’ll join us and help the film get finished. And with your name in the credits, you get to be a piece of the art.