I get to be a mom this week to a hairless little cat called, Mouse.

He is pink with blue eyes, looks like an alien and likes to sit next to you wherever you are (so long as there is a blanket to keep his bare little body warm.)

I am amazed by how much comfort I am finding in a little creature who has blood pumping freely through his veins, but no demands or expectations on me emotionally.

It is helping me see how much effort it takes for me to be around people. I can relax with mouse. I know exactly what he wants from me and exactly what I can give to him.

He doesn’t expect me to be in a specific mood, he doesn’t need me to say any particular thing, and he would never tell me I was being wrongful or bad.

Basically, he soothes my ego which I then call conditional love.

But honestly, right now, this is the best cure for the perma headache I’ve been battling all week.

So thanks, Mouse, for the chance to feel the heartbeat of another soul next to my skin for a week. And thanks for the excuse to love myself through the stories I make about your affection for me.


I like being a godparent.