This is my agent, Sheila.

She has been a huge part of my career for over 16 years. She is an inspiring, ambitious career woman and mother.

I spoke to her just before this happened, and in her casual and self deprecating way, she mentioned she wasn’t feeling well, and she would have to cancel our plans to go see the Nutcracker with her little girl.

I was surprised since, Sheila is one of the most reliable people I know (she and my manager Sandra both place in the top 3).

When I found out what was actually going on I was stunned. Sheila was acting as though it was nothing, a routine thing.

Needless to say when I read this article I was moved. She is a strong woman with the ability to take on so much. And now, because of her experience, she is even wise. She is armed with a deep understanding of the fragility and value of her life.

Rock on Sheila.

Here is her story.

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  • Kevin Jonathan Zwick

    on March 30, 2014 at 3:55 pm