“Life’s a journey that’s homeward bound.”
by Herman Melville

And so after a month of traveling throughout the beautiful country of MEXICO, I am back in my home country… in my most favorite city in the world, MANHATTAN!! As much as I love blowing off and being in a place that is so ultimately different that the only thing I can find familiar is a Coca-Cola, there is nothing that feels as good as coming home. I have been in the city for 2 days now and there is something so wonderful about the energy of this place. It really feels all-consuming. There are so many cultural outlets and it feels like around every corner you find a beautiful piece of self-expression. When I’m here, it truly feels like I am home!

But, enough about the Big Apple for now! I must update you on my adventures in MEXICO!!!!

What an absolutely rich and exciting country. There is this pride and culture that oozes out of the people of this place! I had great plans of blogging and capturing every day while I was on the trip, but I honestly had very little access to my computer. I have decided to give you all a recap over the next couple of blog entries. And, once I go through my favorite pics, I will throw those up as well. That way you all can have a visual frame of reference for my stories.

Ok, so I’ll start with our first leg of the trip, MEXICO CITY. What an unbelievable place! There’s something like 25 million people, all cohabiting in one space. It’s so incredibly exciting and overwhelming all at once. When we arrived, we were greeted by our good friend, Yuri and her aunt and uncle. After speaking to them for less than 2 minutes we were officially adopted and from then on they were our Mexican Tio and Tia (uncle and aunt). We jumped into their van and went on a little architectural tour of Mexico City.

It is such a visually stimulating place. The buildings are everything from Aztec and Mayan to French and Spanish, and because Mexico City was built on a lagoon, the city is sinking. So, you will be driving along, look to your right, and see what looks like a 15th century cathedral being swallowed, slowly by the ground. It was such a trip! The next day, after we settled into our beautiful downtown apartment, we decided to go to the city center square, the Zocalo! There is a gorgeous cathedral on one side of the square and the President’s Palace on another. There are other big gorgeous buildings on the other two sides as well. It was Sunday when we went; the whole square was filled with people protesting different things, Aztec shamans cleansing people with sage and incense, different natives doing ritual dances for the Virgin Mary, and families watching and enjoying each other and the happenings. It was a total sensory overload! I was in cultural heaven!

After spending the day wandering around the city and enjoying the sights and smells, we went with Tia and Tio and the rest of the family to a fabulous Japanese restaurant. Now, I am not usually an advocate of trying food that is not native to the place I am visiting, but I am so glad I bent my rules to accommodate this place. The soy sauce had chili in it! It had Mexican sushi!!!! So good! I love how every culture has its own take on all the different world cultures… it is so fascinating. I know for myself that I often forget that “my way” is not the true “authentic” way all the time…everyone has their own slants and opinions. It’s what makes the world go round! And so, with our bellies filled with sushi, our noses filled with incense and sage, and our minds spinning with traditional folk dancing and shaman tributes, we went back to the apartment to rest up for our big adventure the following day. Yuri and Tia had planned a nice little road trip to the second largest Aztec ruins in all of Mexico, Teotihuacán!

Stay tuned for adventures and opinions of the amazing Aztecs! Hopefully I will have my photos sorted out for you all by the next entry! I am still sorting out how to handle my mac! Ok all! So nice to be back and thanks for all the continued support!


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  • luzaleja

    on January 13, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Ok so I have never been to Mexico City… but I have been to Cosumel… such a beautiful place! and not only that, but in my experiences, mexican people are soooo awesome! they have this warmth that makes it an even better place 😀
    hopefully I’ll be able to go to other cities in the future!
    I am from Bogotá, Colombia… and well… this is a big city… very cosmopolitan… so its a relief when itravel and get to see other ways of life 😀 love it!!!
    Allison, you should definitely come, I think ud really like my country 😀 because there are so many different cultures, that even when i visit other places, i am in awe, because there is so much variety of traditions 🙂
    So anyway, thaks a LOT for your trip summary, i really enjoyed it! love reading stories about other countries