Hey team!

Thanks so much for all the feed back and jazz about my new site! It has been really fun sorting through them all and trying to see everyone’s different tastes and styles given the feedback!

I am sitting at my friends counter watching the best new show on tv, Madmen and eating her delicious food… I mean really, does life get much better?

Something I was pondering today: isn’t it amazing that you literally can’t have a rainbow without a storm first?

Just a thought…
Ciao for now

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  • Rosewell

    on August 3, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Whats the name of that you are eating?

  • Rosewell

    on August 3, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    bah, watch something from the Stargate universe….sg1 or atlantis…

  • Aqgalaxy

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:07 pm


    It is amazing that a rainbow can’t be formed without a rainstorm. Honestly with this thought, one could take it to a scientific view, how interesting that the light from the sun reflects off the water molecules in the atmosphere just perfectly to display the variant of colors.

    One could lay back and think of it as just a rainbow, “Oh look at that. So pretty.”

    For me, it’s just another example that the universe is balanced. Light and dark. Within darkness there is light, and with Light you’ll find darkness. No matter how bright something is, there will always be a shadow. And no matter how dim something is, how dark, there is always a dot of light. With Good you find Evil and so on and so forth.

    Of course what would make an interesting topic to discuss is, What is one’s point of view of goodness. What’s good in someone’s eyes? Who sees the rainstorm as an enjoyment? Who loves the sound of thunder rumbling through the night. Hell, who’s singing in the rain? Who’s terrified of the lightning? Who dislikes the cops, who loves the politicians?

    The thing is, everyone has their own POV, meaning one’s good, is another person’s evil.

    When you look at a rainbow, wondering how amazing it is, who’s sad to see the storm pass? While one smiles and awes over the rainbow, who goes, “ugh, i hate those colors.”

    I admit, thoughts like these travel through my mind, but of course I tend to annoy when I speak like this and a change in topic tends to follow LOL.

    But I will say this. Since we all have our own POV. If one who loves seeing the rainbow and the one who hated that the storm passed met up, there is a chance a debate may erupt. Wars are started because one side can’t grasp the concept of the other side. Which is a shame really. If one was more open minded, would the world be a better place? Sure… but with now debates.. where’s the fun in that though?

    Hehe another difference. Pascifist vs Antagonist. But then the Pascifist shouldn’t be in conflict with an anyone really right? Ha! an oxymoron then. Or one can say a Pascifist is an Antagonist in standby.

    Sorry for going off on a tangent, I tend to do that.


  • Phil

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    I’ve had a tough couple of weeks and that rainbow perspective certainly carries some inspiration. Thanks for that heading into Monday, I’ve been needing it!

  • Matthew

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Hey what about Smallville!!!!..jk..i wonder if you could really like a show that your on…i couldnt cause i would pick at my acting to much!!

  • Aysha

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Hey Allison,

    It’s great that you mention how we need a storm first before we can see a rainbow. It reminds me of how sometimes we don’t enjoy aspects of life as much until something difficult or challenging happens in our lives – that’s when we really enjoy the small things in life.

    Great new layout, Allison! I love collages and have made one about myself in the past on a posterboard and it took me half of a summer to make. It was a labor of love!

    Keep enlightening us with your thoughts and dreams!

    Take Care,

  • Elizabeth m

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    that is what sunday’s are for…relaxing with friends. Glad to hear ur having a good day.
    When ever I see a rainbow it makes me smile and be thankful. They have a calming effect on me. I have the pleasure of a 120 mile daily commute through the kingdom of fife. My current record is 7 rainbows in one day

  • Gaia

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    It would be great having rainbow without a storm! I love to see it, it bring happyness and colour to our life, don’t you think? Madmen? Sounds cool! What is it about?

  • Kyle

    on August 3, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Interesting thought, Allison. You could take it in different ways…

    The metaphorical way; something beautiful always comes after something ugly (not that storms are ugly, but you get the gist).

    The scientific view, white light hits the water molecules in the air. The raindrops act as a prism thus separating the white light into all the different spectrum of colors producing the arc of a rainbow.

    Philosophical angle; does the existence of a rainbow rely solely on the existence of a storm? Does a person need to endure the harsher things in life in order to understand and enjoy the good? Do we only have good things because darkness exist and bad things complement them?

    My head hurts now. 😀


  • SmallvilleRulz

    on August 4, 2008 at 12:03 am



  • Asim Ramay

    on August 4, 2008 at 12:32 am

    when you say storm do you mean as in rain … or an actual storm :P,
    and rainbows aren’t there so how can we see them when it stops raining … since light going through rain drops is meant to create them,
    bad things don’t necessarily have to be there for us to experience the good because you may like something more then another thing witch allows you to experience that something you like but it doesn’t mean that the other things bad,
    so a bad thing doesn’t have to be there for us to experience the good but it helps us to stop being greedy and be thankful for what we have because we could be much worse of,
    never heard of madmen 😛 then again i live in Australia, smallville here didn’t start till like 2003

  • taylor nikole

    on August 4, 2008 at 1:31 am

    tis true
    In personal experiences
    you have to go through something (the storm)
    to be able to see the light or the rainbow…
    i’ve always thought that in the end beauty comes out of crapy situations.

    kinda funny because just a second ago i was chatting with my uncle
    who i am really close to
    since we are only 5 years apart..
    but we were talking about things we go through
    and i was talking about a self anylasis… and evalutation…
    taking everything i’ve gone through this year
    and using it to make myself a better stronger person
    in hopes that maybe it will make life a little easier.
    its amazing how much you can get out in a conversationn with someone you can trust
    and some things you would have rather had left alone
    im veering off topic here
    i just found it really interesting

    through my hour self evaluation
    its turned into so much more
    more than ive ever realized
    …a self evaluation and change is good
    every once in a while i think
    but as i was saying its amazing how much
    you can learn from yourself when you actually open up…
    and how the responses to your open-ness
    lead you to more realizations…

    he kicked me out of his room because it was 1 am… and i was just babbling.. quite annoying, but he listened 🙂
    and i love him for that

    some things i found out about myself
    which is nice

    Maybe analyzing who I am at the moment and who I want to be for the better… will help me find out who i really am…
    I’m really working towards being comfortable with myself
    and im picking at the little things that keep my life unbalanced and kicking them in the butt.
    I don’t want to change my hobbies or myself, but I want to change how i act around people… how i come off to people when first meeting them… or how i treat people in certain situations… maybe there is a better way to deal with things

    I agree… No matter how bad a situation… or how great a situation…
    does life get much better?
    in a good way 🙂

    im babbling…
    and writing a novel

    Does anyone else do a self evaluation or anylasis… to see where you can improve? Not just improve you, but your life?

    excuse my essay that is totally off topic
    <3 taylor nikole

  • George

    on August 4, 2008 at 2:35 am

    Wow that is a great show but I read in the sunday times (that’s right I read the big papers) that no one watches it. It gets under a 1m viewers and yet American Idol gets 30m. But do I feel better than them because they are so rascist and sexist?

    I’m sorry you were making a point, but where’s my rainbow Alison? WHERE’S MY RAINBOW?

  • Ivy

    on August 4, 2008 at 2:45 am

    Hi Allison…Hello “friend” with a counter & delicious food.:)…Hi all!
    Aggalaxy – you reminded me of Ross Geller from “friends”. In a good way ofcourse, he’s my 2nd fave after Joey. 🙂

    Madmen – never heard of it till you mentioned Allison. But clever me, I google it and seen some video clips. So, to those people who’s totaly clueless what Madmen is , here’s a brief intro…
    “Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell.” For more info about the characters,episodes & see some clips go to http://www.amctv.com

    and oh, Allison..are we talking about the same Madmen? N’way…

    Asim Ramay- You can watch all your fave tvshows online! (Thanks to our genius modern technology!:) you can either download limewire or bittorrent. I live in UK & I watch every & any episodes of smallville online. (yup, anytime I want! 🙂

    Ok people…hope you have a great Monday!

    Tah for now,

  • David Hayes

    on August 4, 2008 at 3:19 am

    It’s not the point of the blog … but why do storms get such a bad rap? They are like running a community through a car wash — knocking down some old tree limbs and giving everything a refreshing soak. I love being cozy in bed while the atmosphere is putting on a symphony for me … or walking in a storm and feeling the energy and knowing that the storm may drench me and trigger a lot of my senses, but won’t harm me. (Of course I’m not talking about the storms that are spinning cows through the air and I’m not walking next to any metal fences, but hopefully you get the idea.)

  • Sam

    on August 4, 2008 at 4:08 am

    Hi everybody

    You can have a rainbow before the storm (just when it begins to rain) :p

    It’s like the calm before the storm and then the rainbow

    It could be a metaphor of life: calm and stable period followed by an agitated one. Then comes the happy period.

    The storm could be a big change in life, in personnality,…in the decoration of a good and well known blog!

    The storm is the change and the rainbow the hope

    We had big thunderstorms yesterday…They have something fascinating: the lightnings in the dark sky and this “power” in thunder…
    This is as beautiful as the rainbow that follow…


  • Melissa

    on August 4, 2008 at 4:52 am

    Hi Allison,I love this change on the web,it’ s awesome.About this topic,it’s true that you have to throught first for a storm before you get what you want,because that’s how life is.First you have to get throught for alot of things you didn’t expect,wich I thing are the worse part of life,but then at the end of the road you can finally see the light,it’s like the happy ending,after all the bad at the end always come something much better than you expect it.Have a freaky and beautiful day,and I hope my English is good,I’m still learning everyday jeje.Bye,Melissa.

  • gaL

    on August 4, 2008 at 5:33 am

    i dont have a storm here .. because my rainbow is filled with people like you .. *hug*

  • Jennifer

    on August 4, 2008 at 6:10 am

    Arn’t rainbows great? It’s a habit of mine to go outside after a storm and look for a rainbow. I’ve done it since I was a kid. Were in for storms today so maybe I’ll see one,if I do I’ll take a picture and come back and post it.
    I’ve never heard of the tv show madmen I’ll have to go Google it. There’s nothing better than spending time with friends watcing tv,chatting and eating delicious food. =)

  • The Friday Philosopher

    on August 4, 2008 at 6:42 am

    “We brake here for a poetic interlude!”

    The Rainbow by Lagaya Evans

    The rainbow of colours
    So merry and bright
    Each colour has a purpose
    Even black and white

    The rainbow is so full
    Of radiance and gleam
    It sparkles and shines
    Through every little beam

    After a storm
    A rainbow you’ll see
    With all the glaring colours
    A rainbow there’ll be

    Then at the end
    Your dream will come true
    A pot of gold awaiting
    All just for you

    A Rainbow for all!



  • Lexie

    on August 4, 2008 at 7:05 am

    Hey Allison,

    I love the new look! Being a not-so-artistic person, I’m drawn to those who have real artistic talent, and it’s obvious you naturally do. One question I have is why do some of the links on your homepage lead to the same blog pages? It seems a little redundant. Just an observation.

    Also, someone sent me an email last week that included a gorgeous rainbow photo. I’ll email the pic to you.

    And thanks. Thank you for being so attentive to your website. I’ve only been visiting it for about a month or so, but in that time I’ve seen your heart for not only your work, your art, and your passions but also for us-your fans. Thanks for how genuine you are! It really does speak volumes about your character.

  • Marilyne

    on August 4, 2008 at 7:22 am

    That is so true. You must go through bad times in order to appreciate to good things happening. Eveything comes to an end so you enjoy it the most you possibly can! And you seem to….so that’s great! 😛

    I don’t know on the west coast, but here in Quebec, we’ve had the worst summer I can remember of….rain…storms…cold temperatures…no rainbows:( ! ( of course, ’cause there’s no sun at all…)it’s usually sunny and warm out here…argh..you can imagine how excited everyone will be when the first ray of light will shine through! 😛

    good food+great tv show+ friends = perfect evening!

  • Aqgalaxy

    on August 4, 2008 at 8:08 am

    IVY-“Aggalaxy – you reminded me of Ross Geller from “friends”. In a good way ofcourse, he’s my 2nd fave after Joey.”

    First sweetie, it’s aQgalaxy

    Second, thanks. I know I’m a bit of a smartass but you know what? I love being one!

    Anywho, keep the thought process alive Allison, never be afraid to wonder.

  • Vegas911

    on August 4, 2008 at 8:09 am

    I saw the most wonderful sight once about 10 years ago. There was a light rain storm and a rainbow formed, as I was watching it, the rain was still coming down, and the sunlight reflecting on the rain drops made them look like silver glitter falling from the sky with a rainbow backdrop…stunning!!!

  • Aubrey

    on August 4, 2008 at 8:20 am

    I think that’s an interesting thought Allison. It can have several different meanings too.
    It’s nice to know that in bad things, you can find something good in it; or in despair, you can find hope.

    I am fascinated by rainbows, but from now on I will make a habit to look at a rainbow after a storm — if there is one — and enjoy it to the fullest. I will do the same with sunsets and if possible, sun rises. Because I think it would be so amazing if simple things would bring such joy and colour to our lives. It would be nice to resort to a beautiful sunset after a long day and be happy about it, whether or not we had a stressful day.

    I found a few quotes related to rainbows:

    “… And when it rains on your parade, look up rather down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

    “If you want to have the rainbow, sometimes you’re gonna have to deal with the rain first.”


  • Katlynne

    on August 4, 2008 at 8:24 am

    It has to storm because the rainbow is God’s promise to the earth that no storm will ever completely flood the earth ever again. :]]
    p.s. No show is better then Smallville…especially with you Starring in it!!

  • ErinKatie

    on August 4, 2008 at 8:41 am


    I was wondering if you had an update on Alice & Huck or any new media?

    Let us know, we can’t wait to see it!

  • Robin Hebert

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Never “hoid” of madmen, will have to check it out. (like my NY accent)? LOL.
    Yeah I absolutely love rainbows because they are a miracle. Think about it, in order to have a single bow form, wouldnt there have to be one huge raindrop, otherwise, there would be colors diffused throughout the sky? Yet it forms a single bow…..its a miracle! And that’s why I love ’em, and here in WA we see some spectacular ones! Sometimes rainbows happen with light rain!

  • Gilles Belanger

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:19 am

    i like rainbows. there cool. the last one i saw was at wonderland. right after it was raining. its pretty cool but it didnt really last to long.. last week we had a bad storm here it was actually hailing too but sadly there wasnt a rainbow after it. of if there was i didnt see it in time. but there really awsome.

  • Phil Damico

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:33 am

    The calm before the storm, then the storm and lastly a beautiful rainbow. I think its all peaceful from beginning to end. I love to sit on the porch and watch the lightning and watch or feel the rain pour down. There is just something awesome about the lightning. The calm before is very eerily quiet, and then its lastly finished off with God’s Promise! Believe if you want or not, I dont care, its a colorful smile. The beauty of the rainbow, is that no matter what kind of day you are having, when you see a rainbow, that bad day just melts away. Rainbows Rock! I love your new site, very interesting. Were you eating quesadillas or mexican, see an image of you eating those for some reason. Whats at the end of your rainbow Allison? More potential! Keep going the distance, you look great, looking forward to your next creations.
    Much love from the Great Lake State!

  • Lindsey

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Isn’t that so true in all of our lives? That goodness and triumph doesn’t often come along until after a hardship, our own personal storms. I think the important thing to think about is that there WILL be a rainbow – it’s on the other side of whatever mountail we’re climbing at the moment. Sometimes that hard times make us better and stronger people, and that’s what the rainbow is. Thanks for this thought, Allison!

  • Adrian

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Maybe the rainbow is always there, but you can only see it when there was a storm first.
    It’s because the people only apreciate the good things when the rain starts.

  • Maria

    on August 4, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Wow! What you said there in the end… OMG!! That IS the THEME of my life right now!!

    You see, around the time of 2005-06 I had a very difficult year. Let me rephrase that i had a year from HELL!! lol

    I was living in my grandpa’s house (my mom’s dad) because we moved out of our house, and let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. And also my grandpa ( my dad’s dad) died. So there I was living in my grandpa’s house, the abyss of loneliness and sadness and a whole bunch of other crap.Sleeping in a beach bed because I didn’t have a bed and having chicken crap up to my nose since my grandpa had a farm in his backyard. Literally feeling like there was no place else to go. Me, being a christian and being a pastor’s daughter, I literally thought that God had abandoned us there. It was pure hell.

    Until we found this perfect house with air conditioner in each of the rooms ( we’re a family of four) so imagine how hard that was. It had a drier and a washing machine so we didn’t have to buy them. Though it wasn’t a house its an apartment. But after living in my grandpa’s house trust me i was kissing the floor!! And for the first time in about a year i found myself praying and thanking God for getting us out of there.

    So you can say I went through the storm until I made it to the rainbow. Though there’s going to be more storms to come but it’s like I read somewhere…

    “Don’t tell your God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is.”



  • Becca

    on August 4, 2008 at 10:05 am

    It is kind of like a lot of things in life. Something rough has to happen before something beautiful. If the tough part didn’t happen then we wouldn’t appreciate the good stuff in life like the people we get to meet, opportunities, and even love – though sometimes that can end badly… but it’s still one of the amazing things in life.

    The coolest rainbow I have ever seen happened while I was babysitting these three little kids and the rainbow ended at my car 🙂

  • Brittany

    on August 4, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Hello Allison, I think something good comes out of something bad in a crazy spectacular way. Relaxing, oh the joys of sunday! Madmen never heard. I’m mostly concentrated on Smallville. Though I’d find it weird to watch myslef on television. Anyways happy sunday! enjoy the munchies and and the comforting counter top. Much love, support and peace. Brittany

  • Nathiest

    on August 4, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    I love how open you’re in your blog postings plus you fucking curse! That is so sexy odd to say that I know but after seeing you in g-rated and pg-rated film and tv for so long its just refreshing and totally sexy!

  • christa link

    on August 5, 2008 at 12:27 am

    i really didnt know about how wonderful a rainbow is until until i got married for the second time, and had a child. i always liked to go for a walk while its raining, and then see the rainbow and remember gods promise that it will never flood again. it is comforting. my mother died from cancer a few years ago and i asked god to take her because she was in a lot of pain. im just saying that because i know that god will always answer my prayers. there is also more things that has happend in my life that has made me who i am. allison i love what you done with your site, someone was just shooting in the air because it legal for anyone to have a gun. that is not what the constitution says,it says in a well regulated militia. i am just really worried that someone will actidentilly shoot at my 3 year old or my husband. i dont think that i could live anymore if that happened ,because they are the only thing that makes me happy. watching smallville does help.i didnt mean to be depressing, but im only human.

  • Ron St.Amant

    on August 5, 2008 at 8:18 am

    For what it’s worth…a rainbow without a storm 🙂


  • David Hayes

    on August 5, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    Another Mist opportunity.

  • Bruno

    on August 9, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Allison, keep this that I’m telling you… one day you’re going without my wife! a kiss in the mouth!

  • Bruno

    on August 9, 2008 at 11:17 am

    Allison behält dieses, das ich es Ihnen mitteile,… eines Tages gehen Sie ohne meine Frau! ein Kuß im Mund!

  • Bruno

    on August 9, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Allison, nourriture ce que je vous dis… un jour que vous allez sans ma femme! un baiser dans la bouche!

  • Brenna

    on August 9, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Allison, I swear, every time I read your blog, you make me think and wonder. I suppose it is true you can’t have a rainbow without a storm. I was wondering if you could talk a bit about your experiences growing up, what made you not get pulled into the downward spiral that is Hollywood. I hear you are from California, which is where I live. It is a strange environment, unlike anywhere else. Thank you for your wisdom….

  • leonard

    on November 25, 2008 at 6:12 am

    I had a dream about Allisson mack, it was amazing, would like to know?

  • loyajoncora

    on December 19, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Seldom I write comments but resource really cool

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    Estou estudando Ingles, voce acredita pelo Dicionario,sabe,e tiro algumas duvidas no Google para aprender mais palavras,porque quando estudei no Colegial que aqui no Brasil se chama 2 Grau,eu aprendi todos os conteudos mas preciso revisar alguns para poder enteder certas conversas.

    Mas para quem tem dinheiro, faz um curso de Ingles fluente,rapido.Entao, o que sei agradeço a DEUS e A minha Professora que no colegial sempre tirou minhas Duvidas.Entao, um dia vou Falar com voce por Msn,Ao vivo, Voce me Vendo pela Camera,e falando com voce porque o Novo Msn 9.0 tem a funçao de ligar para um computador e tambem para ligar para celular,entao se voce estiver com seu numero cadastrado no Msn ou outro.ICQ,Skype para fazer ligaçoes,Twitter,e FaceBox,entre outros.

    De intenet entendo quase tudo,por isso quero me corresponder com voce,estará conversando com 1 Brazileiro Raro do Brazil e de Grande confiança.Esses sao os meus interresses com voce,conversar,conhecer cada dia mais,vou sempre que poder enviar mensagens para seu site Oficial e vou começar a criar um novo site para voce,mas com outro Registro. Sera :www.alissonmacklove.com

    Agradeço desde ja Chloe por tudo e me responda,por favor vou ser o rapaz mais feliz da minha vida,um dia em receber sua carta,e conversar com voce,quando poder vou tentar conseguir me corresponder com voce diretamente,espero que todos que estao do seu lado possa compreender.

    Beijos Nalldo Selling Te Adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamuitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nalldo

    on June 23, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Hello beautiful Alisson Mack, better known as Chloe, the girl who enchanted eu.Desde Brazil and the day I saw you on TV for 1 time I was in very happy because I saw in their eyes the beautiful truth of Chloe, the girl that touched me, captivated me, left me without words and still in serious Small Viile after having finished the season you went, I am happy for you, but be happy in this world if I know the podesse Alisson, in that enchanted the gaorta todos.Alisson’m poor but I am a big humano.Sou be a wonderful boy, dreaming that one day to meet you, I believe in God, I know how much I think I know you, no matter how much time will pass, wait time whatever it takes, but the dream will never go out of my brown olhinhos shine that much when you see voce.como is beautiful.

    I have 24 years Moreno Claro 1.78 Strong brown eyes as far as possible, and is a beautiful thing in you that I encantou.Alem of Beauty you carrregar with you, your eyes, do not get out of my pensamento.Gosto much of its jeito.Parece that you already know a pouco.Com create your authorization or the Official Site: http://www.alissonmacklove.com.Espero make your taste because I put all the feeling of my life to show that I am a man, it’ll never reach the poor feet of a star that is so far in this universe but dreaming costs nothing, so I get to you one day, I know you can because you are not infinite, but being on earth, far from here mim.Estou Brazil City Teresina Piaui.Realizar the state of my dream, because I can not add money to go where you are, because, very expensive, but love you know, near and give a strong Baracos well in women who changed my life, since the day they saw their olhinhos shining in brightness and TV.Seu so immense that you have no idea here in Brazil, especially where I live.

    Chloe so call until the date that I will one day meet you, I am very happy even to be writing to you, and you can be sure that I will create a more beautiful site that you saw in your vida.Vai be the most beautiful thing I in my life for someone to be so far away from me in verdade.Espero that if I married impessa to know I voce.Se podesse same, write 1 letter beautiful as ever wrote for someone so baby, so sweet, so loving as you are and represent.
    Ja stopped to think how you and sweet, baby, patient, Chloe before leaving this world, I want you to know, with all heart, with all alma.Espero that your husband has, and understand a dream of FAN who loves you and Chloe as the real and only that.

    Do not worry about anything, I hope you can understand, because you are different from all the women I met in my life, then Chloe Sullivan, Nalldo hopes that you can not imcomodar but love to see you responding to everything you need to know, pessoal.Como on their side of truth and Chloe at home, park, walking, hope you Chloe is a simple woman that so far I see on TV, and Women maravilhosa.Tenho your picture the most beautiful of all this earth, earth that God created, then you will see it on your site.

    If not ask much Alisson, Chloe or send me a message and I will write to you, have a mailbox so I can write to voce.Tenho the best intentions in this life, you know, even if I sell what I have of value to you know, whatever the cost I know you closely, be with you face to face, eye to olhos.Espero that all who love you and your entire family, understand my dream.

    Here I leave my endreço Brazil to write to you and you write me please, with all affection, I would be valued by someone who lives outside of my parents, because I never traveled to anywhere from Abroad then it costs you know, I’m poor but my gift to God that presentiou is Singing, and Enchant everyone with my voice, I know you sing, I saw today on its website posted by you, the more you will be surprised with my talent here in Brazil , which has not yet been discovered.

    Name: Francinaldo or Nalldo Selling
    Address: 7710 N Street Aclimação
    Neighborhood: San Antonio
    City: Teresina
    State: Piauí
    CEP :64028-265
    Country: Brazil

    My home phone:
    DDI Brazil (+0558632112666 / 99703220)
    my orkut: Brad Nalldo.

    Msn: francinaldo18@hotmail.com

    Soon you will prove that everything I say and truth.

    If I were not your FAN would never write my address to you, and leave my address for you.
    But what I want to correspond with you, I’m being honest, because I will never be someone I am not able to deceive you, never and never will with anyone, much less a woman I admire and much to you.

    I am studying English, you think the Dictionary, you know, and shot some questions on Google to learn more words, because when in high school who studied here in Brazil is called Grade 2, I learned all the content but need some review to please certain conversations .

    But for those who have money, do a course in English fluent, rapido.Entao, which I thank God and my teacher in college who always took my Duvidas.Entao one day I will talk to you on Msn, Live, You I sell by the Camera, and talking with you because the New Msn 9.0 has the function of connecting to a computer and also connect to mobile, so if you’re having your number listed in Msn or outro.ICQ, links to Skype, Twitter and Facebox, among others.

    From Internet I understand almost everything, so I want to correspond with you, will be talking with 1 of the Rare Brazileiro Brazil and Great confiança.Esses are my interest with you, talk, meet each day more, I will always be able to send messages to your Official site and will begin to create a new site for you, but with another registry. Sera: http://www.alissonmacklove.com

    Thank you for everything now Chloe and I answer, please I will be the happiest guy in my life, one day to receive your letter, and talk with you, when I try to get me to meet with you directly, I hope that all who are on your side can understand.

    Beijos Te Nalldo Selling Adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamuitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nalldo

    on June 23, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Hola hermosa Alisson Mack, mejor conocida como Chloe, la chica que eu.Desde Brasil encantado y el día que te vi en la televisión por 1 hora yo estaba en muy feliz porque he visto en sus ojos la hermosa verdad de Chloe, la chica que me tocó, me cautivó, me dejó sin palabras y aún en pequeñas Viile grave después de haber terminado la temporada que pasó, estoy feliz por ti, sino ser feliz en este mundo si conozco el podesse Alisson, en la que encantado gaorta todos.Alisson soy pobre pero soy un gran humano.Sou ser un muchacho maravilloso, soñando que un día de conocerlo, creo en Dios, sé lo que creo que sabe usted, no importa cuánto tiempo pase, el tiempo de espera lo que sea necesario, pero el sueño nunca salir de mi marrón olhinhos mucho brillo que cuando vea voce.como es hermoso.

    Tengo 24 años Claro Moreno, ojos marrones 1,78 fuerte en la medida de lo posible, y tiene una hermosa cosa en mí que encantou.Alem de que carrregar Belleza con usted, sus ojos, no salir de mi pensamento.Gosto buena parte de su jeito.Parece que usted ya conoce un pouco.Com crear su autorización o en el sitio web oficial: http://www.alissonmacklove.com.Espero hacer su gusto porque puse toda la sensación de mi vida para demostrar que soy un hombre, que nunca llegan a los pobres pies de una estrella que es, hasta ahora, en este universo, pero soñar no cuesta nada, así que llegar a que un día, sé que puede porque no son infinitos, pero está en la tierra, lejos de aquí mim.Estou la ciudad de Teresina, Brasil Piaui.Realizar el estado de mi sueño, porque no puedo agregar dinero para ir a donde usted está, pues, muy caro, pero el amor sabe, y cerca de dar un fuerte Baracos así en la mujer que cambió mi vida, desde el día que vieron sus olhinhos brillante en el brillo y TV.Seu tan inmenso que ustedes no tienen idea de aquí en Brasil, especialmente donde vivo.

    Chloe tan llamada hasta la fecha en la que un día voy a conocerte, soy muy feliz, incluso a escribir a usted, y usted puede estar seguro de que voy a crear un sitio más hermoso que has visto en tu vida.Vai ser el más bello que me en mi vida para ser alguien tan lejos de mí en verdade.Espero que si me casé impessa saber voce.Se podesse yo mismo, escriba 1 letra hermosa que nunca escribió para alguien tan bebé, tan dulce, tan cariñosa como lo son y representan.
    Ja detenido a pensar cómo usted y dulce, bebé, paciente, Chloe antes de dejar este mundo, quiero que sepas, con todo corazón, con toda alma.Espero que su esposo tiene, y comprender el sueño de la FAN, que te ama y Chloe como la real y sólo eso.

    No te preocupes por nada, espero que usted pueda entender, porque son diferentes de todas las mujeres que conocí en mi vida, entonces Chloe Sullivan, Nalldo espera que no se puede imcomodar pero el amor para ver que la respuesta a todo lo que necesita saber, pessoal.Como de su lado de la verdad y Chloe en el hogar, parque, caminar, espero que Chloe es una mujer sencilla que hasta ahora veo en la televisión, la Mujer y la maravilhosa.Tenho tus fotos más bonitas de todo esto tierra, tierra que Dios creó y, a continuación, usted lo verá en su sitio.

    Si no es pedir mucho Alisson, Chloe o mándame un mensaje y voy a dirigirme a usted, tener un buzón para que pueda escribir a voce.Tenho las mejores intenciones en esta vida, ustedes saben, incluso si vendo lo que tengo de valor para ustedes saben, cualquiera que sea el costo que sé muy de cerca, estar con ustedes cara a cara, ojo a olhos.Espero que todos los que aman a usted ya toda su familia, entender mi sueño.

    Aquí dejo mi endreço Brasil de dirigirme a usted y usted me escriba por favor, con todo cariño, quiero ser valorada por alguien que vive fuera de mis padres, porque nunca he viajado a cualquier lugar en el extranjero después de que los costes usted sabe, soy pobre, pero mi regalo a Dios, que es presentiou Canto, y encantará a todo el mundo con mi voz, sé que cantar, he visto hoy en su sitio web publicado por usted, más usted será sorprendido con mi talento aquí en Brasil , que aún no ha sido descubierto.

    Nombre: Francinaldo o Nalldo Venta
    Dirección: 7710 N Street Aclimação
    Barrio: San Antonio
    Ciudad: Teresina
    Estado: Piauí
    CEP :64028-265
    País: Brasil

    Mi teléfono de casa:
    DDI Brasil (+0558632112666 / 99703220)
    mi orkut: Brad Nalldo.

    Msn: francinaldo18@hotmail.com

    Pronto usted será todo lo que digo y la verdad.

    Si no fuera su FAN nunca escribir mi dirección a usted, y dejar a mi dirección.
    Pero lo que quiero corresponder con ustedes, estoy siendo honesto, porque nunca seré alguien que no soy capaz de engañar a usted, nunca y nunca con nadie, y mucho menos una mujer y admiro mucho a usted.

    Estoy estudiando Inglés, usted piensa que el Diccionario, usted sabe, y disparó algunas preguntas sobre Google para aprender más palabras, porque cuando en la escuela secundaria, que estudió aquí en Brasil se llama 2 º Grado, me enteré de todo el contenido, pero es necesario revisar algunas conversaciones a favor de determinadas .

    Pero para quienes tienen dinero, hacer un curso de Inglés con fluidez, rapido.Entao, que gracias a Dios y mi maestro en la universidad que siempre tuvo mi Duvidas.Entao un día voy a hablar con usted en MSN, Live, Usted Vendo por la cámara, y hablando con usted, porque el Nuevo Msn 9.0 tiene la función de conectar a un ordenador y conectarse a móviles, de modo que si usted tiene su número que aparece en el Msn o outro.ICQ, enlaces a Skype, Twitter Facebox y, entre otros.

    En Internet casi todo lo que tengo entendido, lo que quiero corresponder con usted, se trata con 1 de las raras Brazileiro Brasil y Gran confiança.Esses son mis intereses con ustedes, hablar, conocer cada día más, siempre voy a ser capaz de enviar mensajes a su Sitio Oficial y empezará a crear un nuevo sitio para ti, pero con otro registro. Sera: http://www.alissonmacklove.com

    Gracias por todo y yo ahora Chloe respuesta, por favor, voy a ser el hombre más feliz en mi vida, un día para recibir su carta, y hablar con usted, cuando trato de llegar a reunirse con usted directamente, espero que todos los que están a su lado pueda comprender.

    BEIJOS Te Nalldo Venta Adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamuitooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nalldo

    on June 24, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    As Chloe goes all right with you, I hope sim.Hoje am very happy to write to você.Como goes their dreams, hope you all have done, because I still was not done, just depends on you, my beautiful .

    Chloe know that you and a woman committed, or not, but I can tell you the Leonina and today confirms to me that you and a great pessoa.Jamais want to offend you, say a more accurate vision that I saw looking at your photos, Those days are:

    • independent and proud person has feeling social.Preocupa with the children desamparadas.E very attentive, calm, brings you a great peace, I find explanation for this but I think his life and the explanation.
    • It has an important power of action. And enormously combative enthusiasm and put in everything that has to perform or undertake.
    • Are a great pleasure it is to perform an act which may be called heroic.
    • Is the Gift of Seduction. And in his brilliant work, very dear friends by
    • I love being recognized by others. And active, outgoing, with a strong trend.
    • Administration and its energy. Has a good dose of command.
    • He is generally to education. Are to face the responsibilities and solve problems calmly. Has good capacity to work. You and Leon
    • They are passionate, but the pride is the cause of frequent fights, if you have boyfriend.
    • The wife of a lion and you generally intelligent and brilliant. Get out of the ordinary. And totally independent and on their relations sentimental, always be matching or comparing to humans, or even superior.E feels he must make himself its altura.Isso see in a vision when I look at your photos, but must take você.Conversar these questions to know me.
    • Msn: francinaldo18@hotmail.com please, I ask you, really.

    So for me is that we can be known, I do not see anything wrong with that, then I know if I have more views on Misteriosa Mack Allisson or not.

    Trust me, please, just want to know, not to have duvidas.Olha one day you can give it everything I say and truth, being honest, I hope to meet you, to have more certainty.

    If I knew you, I would have said something of the bad things that happened in your life, and only search the internet and I think a large number of information about you, but I am not well, I am a Brazileiro different, you want to know that life and I correspond with Chloe, Allison Mack to, that person maravillhosa you and me, only that.

    You know that the world-Earth and very large, the universe, then no one speaks, then, think that a person not far from the United States only 2 hours of flight to be where you are, but I loved it your way. Watch all times for every picture of you and I as a person, without at least search the internet, and how you as a person, friend, woman.

    Here in Brazil where I live in the city of Teresina, today and always has no more questions, all that and thought of you this: You, Chloe is so for me to see my eyes: A great woman, a great German actress, I know that, and nice, despite being very simple actress, very educated, more understandable, we all like to be real with you, is a woman who likes to be real, when and to be honest you always were, and remains.

    Its beauty and magnificent, but I liked both the expression of the face as a person, I am enchanted and I still love every day, mesmo.Sou a person like você.Você and a beautiful woman, but was not its beauty that I drew attention here in Brazil, was that you be sweet, a simplicity that covers my whole state, you understand now, and many other quality in him.

    In the year 1982 born in Germany Allison Mack Preetz and two years old, his mother decides to move out of Germany to the United States, where you live until the year 1984 yesterday.I you with two years of age in the same year I was born here in Brazil Nalldo Selling in 1984 with few months of being born you prepared to do the campaigns publicitárias.Sua Dear Mom thought as you are a beautiful girl, so blonde, resolve to put you advertise business from 4 years old, but I think you start with 2 nested.

    I am happy for our projection of his life. So studying and in theaters and increasingly becoming a very interesting person to conhecer.Pensei then, as a Brazilian I know the real person you are, because it costs nothing, you know, I will do everything possible to be near one days and know the true Allisson, I see, you need to be very aware of the pessoa.Hoje thought the night, we will drop below that I very thing here in Brazil and spend what I have to go to the United States to meet you, I say yes, it is worth it since everything is planned to then achieve with faith in God to get you to where estar.Pode be anywhere in the United States.

    It was that and more I saw in you, besides all his qualities, I do not know if I am right, but the series Smallville and Chloe’s very intelligent, interested, very authentic, observer, is in search of what you really want to, not matter how, when you want, you go back to something good, of value, something that to you and important.

    I know that like a human being smart, educated, sympathetic, which is a big difference in that life. In this universe so immense that every day in surprise.
    A Chloe who believe it, and you still in the series of Smallville, you and Chloe Sullivan, a journalist in search of a Great headline for your newspaper, but the Alisson Mack and not very different because the Alisson Chloe plays the more it remains always being a person who charms all the same, and today when I saw your picture on the Internet and you see how wonderful and how much you pessoa.Sei and beautiful, but beautiful and wonderful man that I am, and I want to meet you break down barriers between the distance.

    I love your smile, your way, how you look, it seems that you know you know, their charisma, how and educated, and I know that, despite the distance, be written in your line of life, how you and wonderful, and it draws more attention to me you are very observant, because here in Brazil is a wonderful man to do it all in you and who loves with all affection its great simplicity, it does not know you, but I say this, I know you and simple, while actress and earn money, fruit and result of his career, his work, which has only brought joy to me here in Brasil.Por everything in this life, I have great faith in God that I will achieve reach you, I do not know how, but I know that you, something inside my life, I say, you and a different woman and human being, but a great mystery.

    Please let me know you, so at least 1unica time in my life since that day I do not sleep, I stay awake all day, thinking how wonderful a person know so far, but at the same time so close and with a heart that the Union United States and Brazil together in a way so beautiful.

    Here is my request for ANA, which will finish your site, hope you love, was made especially for you, with all affection.

    Beijos Nalldo Selling Love Thank you.