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  • Leo

    on August 17, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    Is this really Allison Mack writing this?

    • Funny

      on August 17, 2014 at 3:06 pm

      Hi Leo, to answer to your specific question, I don’t know but all the existential quotes she can previously posted on her official website reveal such an incredible reality wealth and i’m totally share the same personal point of view of this one and all of her previous existential quotes she can posted which can permits to each human being we are to have this great ability to develop towards the positive vision thinking of the existential life even we can be faced to an unconditional difficult social situations in the daily life because it is what it determines our human identity and the fact to have this amazing inside strength to go through any complicated failures in which we are faced in the daily life haven’t to discourages us or take us towards a negative thoughts adoption but rather encourages us to take advantage to this inside strength and brave to develop into a positive existential success and which can contribute to our own personal fulfillment and so, to have this deep ability to make an incredible effort to make the existential life as the wonderful self enrichment beauty:) i’m considered as a great lover of these positive existential quotes because it truly reveals an undeniable truth and encourages each human person to take advantage to do more social actions to develop into a positive way:) i wanted to wish to you and particularly to the most gorgeous and incredibly talented, smart, kind and funny actress Allison Mack in who i truly vow a deep and an unconditional admiration since 12 years ago since her fascinating and awesome participation to the amazing TV show “Smallville”, in which i miss it so much, to have enjoy an awesome week-end:) she can bring a wonderful inspiration wealth for so many fans and for so many women working in the television industry but also for women in the societal system evolution:) we can have this incredible hope she could be invested in an other artistic project realization working in the television, cinematographic, theatrical or musical project development which can take the reality form especially with some Smallville’s actors and actresses (particularly with the really handsome and amazingly talented Justin Hartley’s actor and we could the amazing opportunity to see the artistic work result in the future because we miss seeing her in our international television screens:) i’m sorry for writing so much lines lol but like Allison Mack and i think i share the same passion for the litterary writing:) it’s the first time i write on her official website it’s really great to share any point of view on it but i hope the wonderful Allison Mack could read my really long comment lol and answer to it, it will make my day i will be so thrilled:)

      • Leo

        on August 17, 2014 at 11:00 pm

        I agree. She’s blessed “)
        And im a big fan after watching smallville this summer.
        Thankyou for your words