• Beth

    Hey Allison, are you ok? Finally worked up the courage to send a private message on fb and realized you don’t actually have an account. Totally get it. I didn’t get fb til 2009 and that was to contact uni peers for work. When I was talking to someone at poetry night recently they reminded me that some people aren’t on fb. Then I turned and saw two girls in the audience doing hand claps and it occured to me that I didn’t remember the last time I’d seen that because everything seems to happen online now. I’m still scared of the internet, which is why I don’t put private info on fb. But I am glad you chose to go global at first because otherwise I wouldn’t have met you, and I’m fucking glad I did because you’re awesome. If you’re interested in having a chat, well after all these years maybe you still have my e-mail… Xx

  • Francis Bastaraud