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  • creativityisinspiring

    on June 4, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Oscar Wilde was a wise person. Imagination is the strongest part of our childhood. No matter how much we try to keep in touch with our inner child it doesn’t work out because we don’t understand the most important thing, imagination. Our imagination is what encourages us to do what we wouldn’t do without a lot of thought. Imagination is one of the meanings I see as life, if we don’t use our imagination what’s the point in having the skill to imagine. Most people begin to lack imagination when they’re older because they live in the world they don’t like, what’s the point im imagining something we know isn’t real??? Im pretty sure that imagination is what keeps us sane if we can tell the difference between real-life and imaginary, we’d all be happier if we could use our imagination to see the world differently so we can enjoy our lives and live it to the fullest!!! 😀