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  • Rocío Sandoval Vinés

    on February 20, 2014 at 1:38 am

    I was reading all your blog, because of course I watched you for years in Smallville, but also because I watched your videos on your youtube account and always amazed me your peace with life, and how soft can your vision tell a lot about life.
    I read this and I felt so connected, maybe because I born in the place where Pablo Neruda wrote all of this, and everytime I read him, no matter the language, I feel like home. Is like I can smell the city of Temuco on his words. And also I think this quote is important, because was a time when in my country thing where difficult, there wasn’t much love, but a lot of hate, and sometimes we forgot to try to not hate the ones who don’t want to love us, friends, family, parents, lovers, mates, anyone.
    After all the only way to get our own peace, and to learn the real love to the world, is not saving anger and hate in our hearts.
    Sorry for this late long message, here in Chile is really late, but somehow I felt like I need to let you know this.
    Lots of hugs from a beautiful place =)