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  • Everson Bortolotto dos Santos

    on May 31, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    I watch and watch and watch Smallville again, just to see you, I am delighted by your way, I’m watching the first season again, and now stopping to think, I realize that already 14 years ago you did the first season of this show wow, how time flies… I so wanted to see you today, so wanted to get to know you personally, this is one of my dreams, Allison Mack know personally, I live in Brazil and I will start attending English, and one day I hope to live in NY, hopefully you are still living there hahaha
    I unconditionally admire your knack of being, a humanitarian person with extreme empathy and compassion, that’s the image I have of Allison Mack, even distant, even without knowing it, or you have an idea of my existence, seizing the opportunity, I wanted to congratulate you at what you do and Jness, surely, you will manage changes in humanity and extraordinary results, and make sure that even from a distance, much to twist everything in the surest possible… I think you’re lovely Allison, I look at the photos, and I see in her charming smile, unparalleled beauty, but beautiful faces in the world is not lacking, what differentiates you from other people, this is pure and loving heart, inside her reflects gloss that you have on this look and smile, which as I mentioned, is amazing.
    One day, I was on youtube and watch that video, you realized the dream of Gaius, who had cancer, and I confess that moved me with his humility, you have no idea of the effect it has on people Allison, declare to be impossible not be his fan!
    I know you have no idea what I’m writing, and I do not know if you will read this, after all, many fans are writing him at all times, but by a divine miracle, you come to read this, I apologize for my English, I used google translator, a kiss in your heart, and look forward eagerly to meet her one day!

  • creativityisinspiring

    on May 31, 2014 at 5:40 pm

    I’ve begin to notice that a lot of people live life the way they think it should be, we should live life the way we want it to be. People inspire us everyday to be ourselves as John Mason stated: You were born an original so don’t die a copy!
    I’ve seen so many people trying to so hard not to be an outsider, trying to fit in, not being themselves yet in fact they’re only denying themselves the true beauty they have. By acting to be someone else they’re denying the fact they are apart of their generation for a purpose, to be themselves, live life how they want it to be and to have fun.
    Allison the fact you take the time out of your day to do this blog inspires me so much. You don’t even have to try and touch our hearts, you just do due to the bubbly characteristics you have.
    You are phenomenal person that will have many legacies!!