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  • Francois

    on January 2, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Hello Allison. it looks like you like poetry. Here is something you might like.

    You are the beauty to my beast. I’m not as lucky as you.
    Who have the most unbelievable beauty on the out side that reflects only a
    little of the beauty you have on the inside. I only poses my beauty on the
    inside. This outer shell of mine is no reflection of what I have on the inside.
    You are strong and cunning. You poses the most caring soul and know just how to
    show it. I am but small and insecure and do not know how to put it all in
    words. I have a big heart that poses a lot of love and care. My best quality is
    how much I can care for a person. I am sloppy with my actions, not always
    knowing when to say what or to ask a person to take a chance on me, to get to
    know me for me. I wish I could have your courage your cunning way with words.
    The other good thing about me is not seeing things in the past as mistakes, but
    as the stepping stones to where we are today. Things that happened in the past
    is what made you the wonderful person I see today and the person I would be
    honored to get to know better. These are but my humble words of meaningless
    desire for the future. My words witch forms these sentences have no double
    meanings. They are foward but true. If these words do not make sens in your
    heart. If these words but touch just one nerve of your heart, I will be the man
    at the end of this poem who are blessed. These are my words to you.

  • Rahul

    on January 3, 2014 at 5:40 am

    I will always be there for anyone who needs me. I will always be a helping hand or a listening ear. This is because I know what it is like to feel alone, suffocated in your own thoughts. I know how just one person can change someone’s life. I am here for anyone that needs me, just to prove that compassion still exists. I am here for you………..

  • Jared Annis

    on February 4, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Question everything *Shifty eyes* XD

    When everyone agrees on something you know something is probably… Off. Nonetheless;