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  • Joshua Weasenforth

    on August 25, 2016 at 5:54 am

    I was gifted to meet the most attractive, precious, sacred girl of all time in my childhood. She was a year younger than I, & upon our 1st introduction, I fell madly in love.

    Strategizing signatures, which would go great with her expression, of which she’d love, I thought, “Instead of Jessica saying a curse word when she’s angry, instead of her making a sound when frustrated, she can just say, “Dag-nab.” With impact, she loved, “Dagnab.” “When in agreement with someone, instead of applying, I like that also, or, I like that too, it will sound amazing if she adds, I like that, as well.” Explaining, my favorite person of life enjoyed, “As well.” “Instead of her using, that’s cool, or, that is awesome, power with her comment, That is incredible, will greatly attract.” My baby loves, “Incredible.”

    A position in 5th grade, passing her 4th grade class in our Academy, walking with 1 of my best friends, Brian W., around a 50th of a second in peripheral, I spotted the hottest girl of all time in the hall just outside of her class. Keeping her from recognizing I saw, a decision arrived to engage more closely in conversation with Brian, so I seem I make close, personal relationships & am fun to be around. Socially appealing to her intellect, speaking with Brian, I believed Jessica will love, “for a fact.” It rubbed onto the love of my life, & with her accent, nonverbal gestures, & energy, Allison makes everything sound & look the most heavenly of all. A wish to ditch my best friend around the corner, returning for my love, a plan evolved. Not more than 12 to 15 feet from her, I’ll make eye contact with a certain brow raise, suggesting I happily approach to talk. Not more than 7-10′ away, I’ll say, “Jessica, if God knows all, if He knows everything, He’s aware there are people who will soon spend the rest of their lives together… Jessica, I want you to close your eyes for me… & relax your lips.” The plan was to plant a somewhat slow & very soft kiss on her lips, to romantically add, “I’m in love with you.” Only 1 deterrence kept me from accomplishing my soulmate’s whole spirit for a fact. 1LD NO rogue agents, torturing me through a NO tech, threatened to destroy my baby’s brain health, family, & life if I entered her relationship or informed her family of what they do against my health through the NO, so another time, upon strategizing an aversion of rogue NO agents, would have to lapse before my love & I have our 1st kiss.

    Outside her Bel A. residence, upon another visit, though my parents could pick me up outside their apartment, a method to show the love of my life another signature she would love, using 2 circular, leaving responses, called for me to walk away down the street to meet parents. The love of my life’s brother, Justin, found it odd, questioning why they can’t just meet me there. The 2 circular, leaving responses, my love deeply liked. Walking from their residence, counting on Justin to give 2 replies, I circled, not too quickly, twice, in response, with a grace of motion. Loving our 2 circular leaving responses, in ’95, my baby approached on D Street with 2 friends by my side. Upon walking away, she perfected the signature far better than I could have ever, making them appear as heaven. She is, by far, the most powerful energy on the planet, & no one will ever compare to her.

    Heartbroken after her departure, I needed to see my best friend again at her Aunt’s on D Street. Nervous & worried as of whether I was at the right house to knock, desperately looking to find her, she opened the screen door to exit, while I ascended steps to her front porch. She was wore a hoody, placing it over her head, which covered her whole, angelic face, so no one could view her from the sides. This greatly disturbed me. I immediately said, “Allison, please only wear your hood halfway over her head always for the rest of your life, unless it’s too cold, so that people can always see your face.” From my Allison, an amazing fad rippled through, covering my soul. Everyone & everything pales in comparison to her all.

    Not a soul in the world can make any of these signatures sound or look anywhere near as good as Allie Mack can. She is the very best, & I was gifted to experience her life.

  • Joshua Weasenforth

    on August 27, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    I miss you so much.