1570–80;  < LL enth?siasmus  < Gk enthousiasmós,  equiv. toenthousí ( a ) possession by a god ( énthous,  var. of éntheos having a god within, equiv. to en- en-2 + -thous, -theos  god-possessing + -ia y 3 ) + -asmos,  var., after vowel stems, of -ismos -ism

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”- Emerson
I think I may be one of the most enthusiastic people on the planet. Sometimes I get so excited about things in my life I think I might explode. It feels as if there is a carbonated drink that sits in the pit of my stomache and every now and then I decide to shake it up. The bubbles rise to the surface and I want to burst.
I love this feeling. I love caring about life so deeply.
However, I often feel the need to suppress this excitement. To somehow temper it, make it less important.
I am not sure if I am the only one with this experience, but something changed between 3rd and 4th grade. All of a sudden it became uncool to be excited about life.
The new cool was apathy. The new cool was exactly the word. Cold, hard and careless.
I distinctly remember being made fun of for being “perky”.
I propose a change. I propose a different approach to expression. Can you imagine how much things would shift if we all encouraged each other to be open about what we love. How much more joyful we would all be if we were told to share what we loved and point out what moved us. And even if it was a quiet experience, one we had privately without any discussion or noise, we could experience this without any judgement or embarrassment.
We are human beings who have tears and laughter. We sweat and dream and to disconnect from any of this is to disconnect from our most beautiful, innocent and honest selves.
Let’s vow to make uncool cool. Let’s transform apathy into enthusiasm and change black to hot pink.

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  • Beth

    on February 28, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Omg! This new design is AWESOME! This post is AWESOME! I love it:D
    I completely agree with this. I love being able to express things in my life that I love that make me feel alive and enthusiastic. I think the world is so much more interesting when everyone can be comfortable sharing all the things and people and places that they love and that make them feel happy. When everyone tries to be the same and fit in, unique indivuality is lost.

    I watched the first episode of Smallville that you directed from season 8 last friday and I was telling my dad how great I thought it was and how good a job you did. Usually I keep things like that to myself because your influence means a lot to me and it felt really good to share that with him and this post reminds me why.

    I think you are amazing:D


  • Donna

    on June 15, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Allison – you are an amazing, inspiring person who just happens to be a fantastic actress who made your character the heart and soul of a show that was centered around someone else and their journey. But you carry that essence of your character off screen as well by all of the amazing things you do. Thank you for having the courage to share the real you with us.

    I came across this video on TED and wanted to share with you and the group because it made me think about those who live a purpose driven life…what that means. Your post reminds and inspires us to welcome our passion and express it as we are meant to. Thank you for sharing your purpose driven passionate journey with us and inspiring us to do the same.