Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are millions of ways to kneel and touch the ground”
by Rumi

God, I love Rumi. I think he is my all-time favourite poet and philosopher.

So… I apologize for my massive hiatus. Honestly, I have been feeling a little lost recently. I dont know if I am totally alone in this feeling, but the past month of my life I have sort of felt like I have been skimming the surface; just sort of floating through things and not really committing to anything. This plays into all the areas of my life.

I don’t like this feeling at all. Last week, at work, I had the most bizarre experience. For the first time in my career I totally zoned out at work. Thank God for Tom Welling, who reminded me very gently that we are there to tell a story and he wasn’t really sure what I was telling that day. His beautiful and loving feedback really helped to snap me back into reality. I suddenly thought “What am I doing? I have the most awesome job in the world. I work with people that I adore, and I get paid ample to do this.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in my head space of what I don’t have and where I’m not, that I forget to recognize the beauty in what I do have and where I am. I have decided to make a list of the things I love so that I can remind myself of the details in my life that I’ve been ignoring recently.

Who knows? Maybe we have some things in common. Ok, here goes. I love:

  • ice cream
  • laughing
  • friends
  • movies
  • warm wool socks
  • getting into a hot shower after being out in the cold rain and feeling my toes defrost
  • art
  • books
  • taking an amazing photograph
  • touching down after a long flight in a totally new country
  • movie previews
  • good acting
  • overatures at the ballet
  • bows at the end of a performance
  • my nephew’s bounce
  • when my dog scratches his nose on the ground
  • hitting a scene just right
  • hearing my best friends hour long messages on my machine
  • flowers
  • when the sun breaks through on a rainy day
  • amazing alliterations in Tom Robbins’ novels
  • my boyfriends cooking
  • going to an art opening
  • walking down the street, with the leaves changing and my arm wrapped around someone
  • singing

Ok…wow, I feel better. It would be so cool if you all tried this and commented with your list. I would love to see the things we have in common! Thanks for listening to me vent. I so appreciate all of you! oh and hey!!!!

Oh, I won a Teen Choice again!!!!! So cool, right? Maybe this year I will get a surfboard!

Ciao for now

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