Hey team!
Happy holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying the contemplative reflection of this year the same way I am… I have been taking more time than ever before in my life to sit and think about where, who and why I am… I find that I am constantly surrounded by people of such extreme creativity and vision. It is astoundingly inspiring.

Here is a link to an amazing blog by a masters student in Washington DC. http://jumpinginartmuseums.blogspot.com/
I think she feels the same way about art that I do! Check out her site and participate in what she is up to… She “jumps for joy” when she is around art she loves! I love that!

What makes you jump for joy?

I know for me, art definitely does, so does fantastic food and wine, and people with fantastic ideas.
good plays, good films, are things that move me to jump… propelling myself of the ground in celebration for life. It is amazin’. My dog, my cat, my family, My boyfriends creative mind. My best friends compassion and wackiness. Again, what makes you jump for joy!?


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  • Joyce

    on March 27, 2009 at 6:25 am

    after writing/finishing a song