I like the controversy this article inspires. I finished reading this with a mixed mind. On the one hand I agree with the lawyer. I believe it is the victim mentality that traps people and cements the feeling of impotency these women are crying out against. If we seek to understand how we create our circumstances, we can seek to understand how to do things differently. Responsibility in all areas of one’s life is literally taking back the reigns and moving the horse in the direction of one’s own choosing. But, excising or diluting violent, hateful, and disturbing crimes is never ok and the repercussions of something like rape or sexual assault are extraordinary. The checks and balances of ethics is a struggle, but the balance we find from the equal pull of both sides, is the only just conclusion we have. So I appreciate the controversy and the outspoken opinions. The only way we can evolve past anything is by addressing it head on.



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  • Beth

    on December 3, 2013 at 4:56 am

    Really, really on the fence about this.
    Depends on the exact situation. Way too many grey areas.