“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll 


Dear friends, I have a confession: Today I shared a piece of gossip to over 100k people about a group of people I don’t even know. I didn’t realize the error until hours after I had pressed “post,” but in that short time, my vision of social media and its potency was forever changed. Let […]

Watchers of the Sky

This morning I re-watched a movie that was screened by my friend Kathy during the weekly Movie of Honor; a ritual I go to as often as I can. It’s a regular Saturday night gathering where we screen films that expose human nobility. They are films with a purpose, and that purpose is to tell […]


I used to love my imagination. I used to spend hours and hours and hours in the backyard pretending a stick was a magic wand. I used to dream. I had idea after idea bursting out of my mouth with fervor and enthusiasm that would not be suppressed. I was a dreamer… I think that’s […]