For years I have been on a quest to “find myself”. The other morning I woke up and realized I have dedicated my life to this quest of self discovery. But I still feel like I am searching for something “out there” to get discover what’s “in here”. For the last 4 years I have been in an ongoing class broken up into segments of 8 day intensive workshops. So every 3 months, I spend 8 days with a group of amazing people who are all seeking to experience themselves and their lives more deeply. It feels like my life’s study. Since the last workshop I have been contemplating my quest more deeply. What is “self”? How do I know it? Where does it come from? My mentor, Keith, is always encouraging me to spend time with myself. To think about why I like what I like, what I feel when I watch certain films or listen to different songs. I always felt this was indulgent and didn’t make sense. It always seemed so much more important to spend time with other people as opposed to being alone. However, after this last workshop, I feel wholly different. How can I have a self if I never spend time with me? I have an inner dialogue that is constantly running. The voice in my mind amplified through a loudspeaker, but is silent to the world? THAT is the path to my “self”. OHHHH I had no idea! I am traveling alone this week and yesterday I had a long walk home. Ok, I got lost... But the best part of my day was the conversations I had with myself. My inner dialogue was alive and entertaining and I needed no other person, place or thing to have a compelling experience of my own existence. And for the first time, I interacted with my “self”. And I liked it.