I listened to this podcast while running one morning and I was so moved by the courage, bravery and commitment of the man telling the story. So often we experience things in life and fall victim to our own stories of impotency. In the story this man made a choice not to stop an act of violence we witnessed when he was 9 years old held guilt for that decision for the rest of his. To eventually heal and ease the guilt in himself, he dedicated his life to fixing a violent transgression. His circumstances seemed insurmountable and yet he pressed into the pain and made the world better for it. Parts of the story are a wee bit disturbing, but so worth the listen. The healing he want through to redeem his own soul is awesome. I highly encourage everyone to check it out. This story is a testament to the fact that we choose to relate to our life circumstances in the ways we want and we can mold our own lives. Inspiring.