I am starting a new commitment. Today. Daily writing. 5 minutes. What do I want to share? What will I represent?


Ready? Set. Go!


Blank. Blank. Blank…


That’s a big statement.


Here’s what I do know: It’s clear to me what I care about. But, when I sit to write – the idea of me becomes the most intrusive and obnoxious monster.  It sits on the part of me which is creative and open. The part of me that is genuine and raw and just writes.


This is a pride monster and it’s big, pretentious and wears too many essential oils.


She speaks loudly of things like yoga and interdependence and she wants to make sure everyone knows how health conscious she really is.


She judges every word I write and makes it sound like I am a pinched, pre-programmed robot.


She messes with my flow…


So these morning minutes? A practice of permission.


I give this monster of pretense and ego permission to just step aside, chill out and be quiet.


5 minutes? That’s all I am asking. 5 minutes of open, fluid and uncontrolled thoughts flowing into words shared with the world in order to build intimacy and push the boundaries of our common human struggles.


Let the pressure lift.