There is violence that exists within all of us….

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There is violence that exists within all of us. Turning a blind eye from ourselves is the thing that is the most destructive.

I went to see a play last night. It is called Nirbhaya. I left the theatre shell shocked.

The play outlines the story of the brutal rape and murder of a woman called, Jyoti Singh Pandey on December 16th, 2012. I remember hearing about this event. My friend Kamaraj called me weeping. “How does this happen?” I heard him say on the end of the other line.

“How does this keep happening?” I asked myself.

The show illustrates violence everywhere. Six women share their stories of abuse – supported by one male actor.

All of the performers are brave. They stand on stage and bear their souls like warriors for vulnerability and peace.

But I was most impressed by the man… who subtly and quietly supported all six stories. He took on the most heinous of all traits that exist in people and fearlessly represented the part of humanity that wants to tear, rip, rape and destroy another person… because he can.

The play was a beautiful, simple and profound depiction of honest stories. The women expose all parts of themselves with an astonishing level of commitment.

Now, what I keep thinking about is “How does this continue to happen?” and “How do we heal this?”

In my opinion we need to get humble. We need to look for our own violence and start caring for one another.

We need to educate ourselves. I recently finished the fifth of seven courses with the women’s organization I work with. The organization is called “Jness”. The course exposed the lack of understanding and compassion in a way I have never experienced and as a result I have gained a profound understanding of not only “why and how” this happens but “what” needs to happen to make this stop.

It is not simply more rallies and more awareness… we have got to change our internal process. We are animals right now… primitive creatures who lack awareness. The only way we will stop this cycle of violence is though maturing and evolving. Which demands education.

I feel blessed to live at this time. I feel blessed to have found the Jness education. I feel horrified this exists. I feel determined to make it end.

If you live in NYC or close to it, do not miss Nirbhaya. It is astonishing.

And if you want to know more about Jness check out our website. It seems simple at first blush, but it is not complexity we need to make this change, it is tenacity and commitment.


  • Andy Wozniak

    If i lived in NYC then i would check it out. It sounds like a great one despite i haven’t seen a play in my life as long as i have lived. You’re not wrong as i’ve seen from my own very eyes that people are becoming more savage and less caring for one another, We as people need to be humble and not worrying about being better than other people.

    Yes we as people are like animals and fully unaware of our awareness of that. I still see racism and paranoia around me. It makes me very upset that it’s still happing as i type this down to you…. I wish the cycle of violence would stop as we need to evolve into better people or there won’t be a place for us to do so.

    Maybe years ago i wouldn’t care about these things. But i have changed so much as i looked into my violence within myself and decided there’s more to this than i realize. The world is lucky to have people like you who see’s these things as much as i do.

    I wish you the best of luck on helping others as you have done so much for people already.

  • Bazinga

    I feel sorry for people that bad stuff happened. I wish that people were never bad. And that people were good but I know that it, is never their fault. It is just from the people who are around them.

  • Bazinga

    By the way thank you for the long writing. ??????????

  • 3tesla

    > We need to look for our own violence and start caring for one another.

    As a wise man once said: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror; I’m asking him to change his ways.”

  • Andrey

    We’re togehter in our minds;) But I as christian didn’t know how to stop this. The only thing I can do is to be a man as good as possible. And worship to the God, of course.

  • Steve Hanson

    like rulers of worlds with each honest step we send a stem that can break through to new worlds that before were not even dreams we could see.

  • Irene Kings

    Sounds amazing, tragic & incredibly vulnerable. I wouldn’t know how to stop it, but I have a good idea on how to punish such criminals. As for those that get violated, I think the healing processes is different for everyone. Some start taking self-defense classes to regain a sense of control, & conquer fears; while others take years to emotionally & psychology processes the situation & then
    The personal violation of their soul, not just physical well being.

    Personally, my personal relationship with the Lord is the only thing that helped me let go of stuff. I didn’t write about it
    Till many years later.

    Interesting topic. ????

    -Irene Kings

  • Sonny Johnson

    love your work and just your touch on the world u are awesome thanks

  • Beth

    Happy Birthday Allison 😀

  • DSynisterone V Threepio

    ‘What you want, also wants you’. The education ‘You’ found, found fertile ground and…is either growing or dying somewhere in ‘your life’. Not exactly a new concept; just one that, pershaps?, you hadn’t fully explored before to the full ‘breadth & depth’ that should have been made clear to you, but [inexplicably?] was not. Whose seed was planted is my question to you personally, AM? Jesus Christ had no need that any man ‘testify’ of Him, because He knew what was ‘In’ man… a telling statement, yet still: one of true hope. In my own life, Humility has meant giving credit & honour [some may ?read ‘Glory’] to whom and where it is due. I suggest for you to start there also? Instead of the two of us consistently receiving-paying forward ‘Things – second-hand’ [ayn rand] vs. the ‘sincere milk of the Word’ [St. Paul of Tarsus]. Prayers.

  • Billy James Leger

    Evil is within us all. Its not beyond the capabilities of any of us. Yet we have a goodness too. We have a conscience. It’s mandates are what we value to be true, what we believe is moral, what we have errected as values to live by. Human feel an entitlement to have what they want, to feel a certain way, to protect their own interests at the costs of others. Knowing that our own desires are not superior to others inate rights is not inherit to our will. Its when we learn to love ourselves, we love others and feel the empathy that drives us to protect them as we would ourselves.

  • Rigo Gomez

    first time watching Smallville 🙂

  • CK

    Well said. On an unrelated side note, I believe there is a typo in paragraph 12. Change “though” to “through.” Hope that helps 🙂

    A friend

  • john