tripudios: Imagine… (by jaseNZ)

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  • Jason Whittington

    on January 11, 2012 at 2:26 am

    This is really spooky.

    My login on many forums and character name in the online games I play is JaseNZ, but not the above mentioned JaseNZ.

    Ok, what makes this spooky:
    A thread posted on one of the forums I use involves people googling their username (in my case JaseNZ) and posting the first image for everyone else in the thread to see. Google lead me here, while I am watching season 10 episode 2 of Smallville on my second monitor.

    I bought the entire Smallville collection on DVD a few weeks ago and have been watching season 4-10 (having seen 1-3 back in the day Smallville was on TV in New Zealand) and thinking to myself Allison Mack is awesome in the show, and what I wouldn’t give to meet her and tell her that in person.

    Very spooky that the Gameplanet thread lead me here, but awesome at the same time.